No One Owes me Anything

This was probably the most painful lesson I learned.

No one owes me anything. And when I say no one, I mean no one. Not my parents, not my spouse, not G-d or the universe or life (depending on what your personal religious or spiritual beliefs are), not the government, not anything or anyone.

The reason why this was the most painful, but probably one of the most important guides that direct my life, is because it took the responsibility of what was happening in my life from "another" and brought it back to my hands.

In a very dark moment, I had an epiphany: that no one owed me anything. My parents didn't owe me a perfect childhood, G-d didn't owe me that boy I liked but didn't reciprocate, and life in general, didn't owe me an easy ride. All of a sudden, I felt I could see things clearly. No one owes me anything. I am the only one who owes myself something, no one else!

On that day, I have to say, a weight lift off of my shoulders. I accepted that my destiny really was in my hands. My destiny was not dependent on an idyllic childhood, or on luck, or even pre-determined destiny. I was the writer of my story.

If you don't have your destiny dependent on something or someone else, then you can create the chapters of your life.

And that lead me to the next guide:

I always have a choice.


  1. Exactly!!! Brilliant! I agree with everything you wrote!


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