So, it starts like this: I am sitting in my kitchen, a few months passed my 40th birthday, and I am wondering how did I get so old in just 2 years.

I look tired, constantly anxious, and I have to admit, a bit dead inside.

It is then I realize, with utter clarity, that I have gotten everything I wished for. Nonetheless, I am absolutely miserable.

All of a sudden, my life rewinds to my childhood... well, maybe back some 37 odd years to my first few memories and I realize, I am not being true to that little girl I was... I am being an adult. And it sucks.

I guess this journey, the one from this "middle aged"(when did this happen?!) and responsible adult to the childlike self will be an utterly boring one, filled with mundane things. But I also hope it will be filled with dreams, desires, and wishes. Because, honestly, there isn't a set plan in place.

Test, set, start.


  1. Hi. Here for it. Looking forward. Cheers

  2. Not necessarily, it won't. It could be rather wonderful! Trust me on this.


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